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Yaounde, Cameroon.

Pomme goes to Cameroon.

long time no see.
I am back.

Puss, Puss.


This is what happens on a Christmas morning.
The music is Nosaj Thing  Eclipse/Blue
One of my all time favorite songs.


no idea what is happening with my face here but whatever ..., lets say it's because I don't have any make up on. That always works.
Puss Puss.


Music video for CRUSH from the San Francisco band FRONDS.

This video was taken last winter in the offices of stink Berlin.
My friend Matt, who is the producer of the video with Jannis, asked me to be part of it, saying that I would have to kiss a guy but not telling me who that guy was.
I said to myself, well ok, I will kiss a guy it s fine no problem, I can do that.

I went there, arrived first and actually more than an hour before my saliva sharer, I absolutely want to point that out because I am most likely to be late than early, I think I just got the time wrong.
The waiting start for me, I drink a few cups of tea, then arrive Ahmad, I then learn he is  my lover, we knew each other from before, so at least no need to learn to know each other.
Arrive then Brian, the director, and that's when I start thinking about what is about to happen, I'm about to kiss my friend Ahmad. Every one is there, no rush, we all start relaxing drinking some wine, a few beers, vodka shots, we laugh a lot, in the mean time there is also an other friend Larissa who arrives, the atmosphere is very relaxed, we joke about what is about to happen, laugh more, drink even more.
The moment to shoot just came really naturally. The first kiss was a bit awkward, but after that it went quite well and easily. Once we finished shooting we all went to have diner at Soho house, then I had to leave to go get ready for Wanted, a party of a friend where I was taking pictures and  promoting. Before leaving, I invited them all to come of course.
every one came, the party was amazing, everyone left peace full and happy and probably also very drunk.

I did an article on Matt already Here.
Ahmad is a singer, his band is Schwarz don't Crack.
Brian lee hughes it´s this way

the article on Dazed is that way

By the way, there will be a Wanted Party for Halloween, the 31,at Chalet. Obviously it is for Halloween so, come dress up DUH
Halloween costumes, please do not be scared to creep.
The event Page. the WANTED page

Puss, Puss.

Ph by Maxime Ballesteros

Look what I found on Purple DIARY ?
The first and second where taken at a party, see the rest here
the third and last one is the  Moga e Mago backstage last fashion week, see the rest here.


Some food for your soul.

Puss Puss.